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Welcome to Cindy Hudson Coaching!

When I started coaching 19 years ago, I had no idea what I was getting into.  Over these almost 2 decades, this work has taken me where I never imagined going.  I became passionate about supporting women in crisis, because of my own life crisis.  One life decision picked me up and put in me in uncharted territory with no map and no one to walk alongside me.  I was on my own figuring it out as I threw everything I believed away and started from scratch.  I didn’t know it at the time, but it was the beginning of my purpose, my life’s work and the path of never ending discovery. 

I started this work for those who like me, find yourself suddenly in strange new territory after a crisis, a life change or an unexpected altering of your universe.  My main focus has always been to find a faster and more efficient way to end
 self-suffering and flourish in life.

These years have taught me much and while I have not arrived, I have learned the textures and colors of fulfillment, the depth and mystery of power and the tools that must be mastered to experience freedom and peace within.  This is what my work is about.  The practical magic of becoming strong and holding what is yours, so you can stand in your own power and be what you came here to be. 

The beginning point of all that you long for is YOU, but understand that you are the jumping off place.  This life experience is not so small that it’s just about you being happy.  That was my perspective until I reached that point and realized my inner work prepared me to enter the vastness of everything else that is.  This place can only be found when you are in balance with yourself.  The tools I picked up on my own healing path, helped me find my place in the greater experience that follows.

This is my offer to you.  I will show you the tools you need and teach you how they work.  Your part is to remember how to use them in your way. 


The most surprising truths I have found are:

*Every single soul does this life differently.  No exceptions.

*Everything you need is inside you.  You just have to remember.

*There is no end to what is possible.

In this time of great change, knowing who you are and having the right tools is essential to navigate all that’s coming at you.  If you are ready to change and are serious about what you need to do that. I invite you to have a conversation with me.  We may not be a fit to do this work together, but we can connect and encourage each other for what’s ahead. 

We all need each other, and we are all in this together.  I’m for you and will do

whatever I can to give you more light to find your way.    

To set up a time to connect send an email to or text me at 615.456.4055.  Cindy


  • Ultimate Transformation - 9 month program

  • Owning My Authentic Power - 90 day program

  • Powerful Healing and Transformation VIP Day


Thank you! I will contact you shortly!

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