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Soul Purpose Readings 

with Cindy Hudson

Reading the Messages of Your Soul

We all ask at some point, “Why am I here?”  If you are not sure why you are here, life is difficult as you scramble for meaning. It is challenging to live life wondering and chasing dreams trying to figure out the point.  There must be a better way.  After years of coaching I started asking for an easier and faster way to help women heal and feel safe in life that didn't involve so much suffering.

Most 0f us lose ourselves and our power along the way.  We either give it away or it's taken from us and without the power of our own essence,  we FEEL lost, but in reality, we've just forgotten who we are and we can remember!!

Your soul has stories and insights about your purpose and life direction right now and is longing to tell you.  Knowing what you are here for changes everything in life.  The answer to my plea for a better way, soul reading.  I can help you find the parts of you that are hidden, heal and remember the truth about who you are.  You can stop suffering in the shadows when you have a little light and understanding come to you.  Just a perspective shift can show you a ton.  


Each of us is on a journey on this planet and it's very personal.  Knowing what it's about and how you fit into your specific journey, makes it so much simpler.   Purpose gives you meaning, which is what we are looking for especially in this moment of great change we are in.    

Imagine what life would be like if you understood yourself and what you are here to contribute and accomplish.  Here's some good news, your purpose is something so familiar to you already that know how to do it, you've just forgotten.  Everything you need is already in you and it's calling you to come home to yourself in this time of unprecedented change.  Your soul is most likely trying every way it can to get your attention, because the specific purpose you carry within you is needed right now.  It's why you came here. 

Understanding the specifics of your divine gifts and learning how to use them is accelerating in this time.  Whether or not you know how to use your divine gifts becomes obvious in such difficult times.  Many of the tools you have believed in, are not working right now.  Humanity is upgrading on all levels and feeling lost is very normal, because activation is happening on a grand scale.  You are needed and to feel safe enough to contribute, you must understand what's happening and where you fit!! 

If you ready to find your place in the great shift, I'm ready to help you.   

For more info and to schedule a Soul Purpose reading send an email to or text 615.456.4055


Soul Purpose Readings give you information about why you are here AND the tools you must have in your tool belt to be your purpose. You are coded with a specific mission that matches your natural way of being. Understanding this, frees you from outside expectations, so you can do life your way.  Doing your divine thing is why you came and for it to flow organically, you must be plugged into the power source that fuels it.  You.      


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