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The heart and soul of all women holds much wisdom and power.  You are equipped with a powerful ability to read situations and people intuitively.  Your inner guidance system acts as a compass giving you clarity in tough situations, solutions for difficult relationships and confidence in daily decisions.  Staying tapped into your guidance system is essential to set boundaries, say no, speak up for yourself and share your truth.  Unfortunately, many of us aren't tapped into ourselves enough to hear and follow the wisdom we need to navigate life, keeping us powerless and stuck.

The Take My Power Back Session is designed to give you a safe space to bravely investigate where you have lost your connection and insights to plug back in to reactivate your power.  

Women are very aware of this natural ability and have felt it many times.  We sense and feel when something isn’t right with our kids. We know when a friend needs us without knowing what’s going on.  We find ourselves following inner leads that help us figure something out

that seems impossible.  We are aware of body language and glances and can pick up what is being said without verbal communication.  We often ask questions or reach out to people that have been on our minds only to find out that there is a real need there we knew nothing about. We often know

deep inside when something is right or wrong for us.  We get red flags.  This is your power.  Learning to hear and follow this inner guidance is critical to navigating the challenges personal to you.  

That’s the beauty and intention of the Take Your Power Back Session... finding where you have lost or abandoned your power and investigating how to tap back in.   

                  If you find yourself stuck, it's up to you to discover why and do the work to change it.  

No matter what you have or haven’t done or what has or hasn’t happened to you, your divine guidance center is still intact and you can discover and activate it at any time.  This session helps you discover where you lost your connection and how to reconnect.  Once connected to your sacred wisdom and authentic power you partner with something much greater than yourself.  Your ability to hear this wisdom and trust it makes you powerfully hopeful and gracefully authentic.  

If you are ready to find your power, reconnect with it and begin transforming your

life to match who you are, I invite you to sign up for this one on one private call.

I look forward to exploring with you. 

Yes, I am ready to TAKE MY POWER BACK!  Please contact me!

Thank you! I will contact you soon!

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