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Discover the true story of YOU and what's

holding you back from stepping into it

We all know on a deep level that we are here for a reason.  We feel the call to be more, go deeper and be ourselves,

but that relentless longing collides with the reality of being human.  We forget what we came here for and we forget who we are. 

We struggle to follow the thread leading us inward.  Life teaches us to master the art of thread following. 

So much of life feels like a mystery.  Why do I feel this way?  Why is this relationship not working? 

What should I do?  Why does the same thing keep happening in my life?  How do I change it?

The Tree of Me is designed to give answers to basic questions from the most important source, YOU.

Being available to your own wisdom, what works for you, gives you the ability to set strong

boundaries around toxic situations, navigate vulnerability, choose what is best for you

and make decisions that support and protect you when you come up against things outside

your control.  Equipped with these tools, life is very different. 

Lining up with your own truth happens as you connect with yourself allowing you to move through life

in your own divine authority.   This changes everything.


Why You are the answer to finding your truth:   
You know more about yourself than anyone else.
You are aware of your fears and doubts.  
You know what makes you feel alive. 
You know what kind of relationships nurture you. 
You know where you need to set boundaries.
You recognize what continues to block you.


It's amazing how all this tumbles out during this process.  No matter how lost someone is,

they always know what they want when they allow themselves to be honest about it.

You can suffer for years from beliefs and vows (stories) you created, usually unknowingly, in response to something that you had to survive.  Those survival stories carry elaborate strategies and hiding places and you must live according to the limits they set.  Your stories have served a purpose and after a while stop working. 

Most of us have a splintered idea pf who we truly are at our core.  After years of covering up, hiding, trying to fit in and please others, it’s hard to know what’s your truth and what’s simply a story put there by someone or something other than you. 
Living in the limits of someone else’s rules and hiding yourself within structures that hold you back are devastating to your soul.  Allowing these stories to become your identity and work against you steals your joy and your ability to manifest and build what you know is yours to build.  When  you choose to face and allow your truth to break free you no longer operate from ancient stories passed down for generations or the pain you’ve experienced in life making you smaller and smaller until you can’t find yourself anymore.  Finding yourself is the main purpose of your life.  From there you can move into the purpose of why you are here.    

Your limiting inner stories dictate:

  • How you relate and interact in relationships

  • How comfortable you are with intimacy

  • How close you allow others to get to the real you

  • How fully you show up in creating something that feels "too big" for you to accomplish

  • How willing you are to risk stepping out of your comfort zone

  • How available you are for new and powerful partnerships, adventures and dreams to be realized

  • How quickly you can discover and live out your life purpose

The Tree of Me organically uncovers your soul’s truth in five areas.  With these you will create a tree of who you are.  This can be added to and reflecting on after the workshop.  Looking back at your tree you will see how much you have changed and how far you have come!  


It’s very common to have no idea who you are much less how get where you want to go.  So much of the personal disconnect is driven by your inner dialogue and embedded stories that constantly chatter in your head. We are all familiar with these and may never go deep enough to understand what they are blocking you from.   


Your mind lines up with the limits you believe and it becomes your reality. If you believe you can’t change, you'll struggle to change.  If you believe you aren’t good enough you will live that way.  I

Your soul still holds the true story of who you are and what you are here to do.  You cannot lose that, no matter where you are or what you have been through. No story can hold you forever unless you let it.   Your limiting stories keep you safe for a time, but life is all about moving your tent stakes, expanding your vision and creating more. Along with that you must clear out what no longer works or you just keep dragging it around with you.  You are designed to always be growing which means you must upgrade consistently, and your inner wisdom will tell you how to do that. 

With clear detailed awareness of your stories and limiting beliefs you have a powerful road map to free yourself.  This process puts you on a fast track to moving forward.  I’ve learned through years of my own journey and those I have worked with, clarity and understanding dramatically cuts your wandering time. I’m always looking for shortcuts to healing and this powerfully does that.  You have suffered enough and don’t have to continue wandering around in the dark looking for where to start.  The Tree of Me will show you.  

If you are ready to courageously shine light on your limiting stories and open the space for your divine truth to emerge,

I invite you to experience The Tree of Me Discovery Process with me.  I’ve learned through years of my own journey and

those I have worked with, clarity and understanding dramatically cuts your wandering time.

                                                                             There is a great awakening happening and many are waking up to realize they don’t

                                                                             know  who they are. There is a solid energetic push to deal with your stuff, so you don’t put it                                                                           on others. The only way to do that is to know for sure what you are carrying that works                                                                                         against  you.  Under all that is your truth. 

                                                                             Know that you are meant to be here and have a very important purpose.  The Tree of Me                                                                                     gives you the chance to bypass years of searching for why you are where you are. All that’s                                                                                   required of you is to be available and have an open and willing heart during the process.                                                                                     With those two things you will discover what you’ve been searching for, for a long time now.     



Thank you! I will contact you shortly!

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