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Now Is The Time

As we watch high profile people fall and acts of abuse are exposed on a monumental scale, what is our personal response? How do we take what is happening and become better human beings?

Each of us has the responsibility to dig deep and examine how we are treating others. Are we compassionate? Do we stand up for those without a voice? Do we speak up when we know an injustice is being served? Do we use others to feel better about ourselves?

Do we compare and judge others to feel superior or be victims? We are all different, but all so much the same. We are a single race. The human race. Everyone matters and everyone deserves exactly what we all long for. To be seen, heard and loved.

We all have the opportunity, now more than ever, to look inside our own hearts and find the places we carry anything that separates us from other people. Compassion is something we must practice... most of all with ourselves. We all abuse. We abuse ourselves. We doubt ourselves, don't trust ourselves, shame and judge ourselves. When this is the lens we see ourselves through it will also be the lens we see others through. You may not be as bad as some of these we are witnessing but are you daily letting go of the beliefs that keep you feeling superior? Are you able to be your whole true and compassionate self in integrity? Not moving in your full power and full acceptance of yourself shows itself as privilege and self-righteousness. All of us are guilty of feeling superior to someone else. Division is the nightmare that the ego uses to make us feel special and better than others, stemming from the places we do not feel whole ourselves. Do we do this because deep down we need to elevate ourselves by putting someone else down? We are programmed to the caste system which is destructive to everyone involved. It's time for each of us to find out who we really are. If you feel less than, as most of us do on some level, ask yourself why? No one has to remain in the victim energy of less than unless we believe that's just the way it is. It isn't. Unhealed trauma and lack of love for yourself will manifest in trying to be above someone else. It's a no-win situation. Healing your own soul and moving out of shame for who you believe you are is doable. It's the path of healing your own heart that will change you and allow you to see the value in yourself and in every life. It begins with you and your heart. It always has. Now is the time.

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